Success Is Only Measured By What You Learn From Failure

Today I tried a new presentation of our Pork Belly.  In theory all of the accompaniments should have went swimmingly with the dish, but sadly they didn’t make the music I was hoping to hear.  It took me two days to make this dish, and most of the time was taken up by preparing the garnish.  In Reality= Pork Belly is very fatty and needs something to cut through the fat and help balance the dish.  In Theory= Ramp Pesto made with Creme Fraiche`would help because the onion flavor would add bite, and cut the fat.  Pickled Radish would do the same and bring a nice acidity to the dish.  Then add a garnish of Puffed Pig’s Ear(which was the most labor intensive= 24 hrs.) for texture and crunch.  In Theory all this should have come together beautifully on the palate, but sadly it was a B-side track on a one hit wonders album.  Even though all of the garnish was a stand alone star, it just didn’t work.  So today I learned that even though something should work and all of the pieces of the puzzle are present, that sometimes Theory Differs From Reality.

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