From Nose To Tail

I love the less glorified cuts of pork.  Liver, Tongue, Ears, Tails, if it comes off the pig I will eat it.  As I try to evolve my culinary thinking I must be able to create dishes based off of the philosophy that the entire animal must be used.  No waste what so ever, it isn’t even an option.  If something had to die for me to eat I must do my duty as a Chef to use the entire animal, and to prove that the animal didn’t die in vain.  This is house made crackling from pig ears.  They were confit’d in pork fat for 6 hours, cartilage removed, and dehydrated for 24 hours.  Then they were flash fried in very hot oil for about 30 seconds.  Crispy and delicious, and 1000 times better than what comes in a bag from your local grocery store.  Enjoy.

One Response to “From Nose To Tail”

  1. mary cox Says:

    You amaze me everytime I review your site. What a great inspiration you are to others.
    Love MOM
    Simply the best!!!!

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