Rat Tail Radish

I got these seeds from Baker Creek Seed Company.  This is my favorite new plant.  The leaves taste like mild Arugula which is weird for radish, and the flowers are beautiful.  This is what they look like.  Enjoy.

One Response to “Rat Tail Radish”

  1. Steph Sasser Says:

    Hi Wilbur,
    Hope all is well. I had spoken to you at the BIC job fair about a pastry job. I am actually sitting in my kitchen in Ocean City speaking to your mom right now. She is in the cruisers club with friends of my parents, and we are having an open house for all of the cruisers today. After about 5 minutes of talking we realized how we knew each other. She asked me to leave a comment on your page. What a small world!

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