Internal Crab Bash

For our one year anniversary we are throwing an invite only competition against other chefs from the area based on crab.  We are calling it the B+O Crab Bash.  We had an internal competition among all of our cooks to come up with a crab based dish, and the winning dish might be the one to represent our restaurant in the competition.  The competition was fierce and only 2 points separated first and fourth place.  I just happened to reign VICTORIOUS!!!!!!  My dish was a Lardo/Smoked Crab Cake with Corn Pudding, Tarragon Puree, and Liquid Crab Ravioli.  The Ravioli was filled with a gelatinized Crab and Chorizo Broth.  I made the Broth by rendering down Chorizo, added aromatics, Crab Bodies, and reducing that stock.  I then gelled it in molds, and sealed it into the ravioli.  So the Idea is that when the Ravioli is heated the gel melts, and when broken it sauces the plate.  The corn pudding is just Corn Juice reduced down so that the natural starch and sugar thickens it into a pudding.  Here are the pictures.  Enjoy.

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