Failure Is The Greatest Teacher

So the one ingredient that put my dish over the edge in the internal crab bash was a liquid ravioli. Trying to make 300 of them for the event, now that was a different story all together. I came to a weird dilemma when I was making them, and both choices were not the most favorable. If I premade the ravioli and stored them in the walk in the liquid would compromise the texture of the pasta. If I froze them the liquid would expand and break the pasta. I did a test batch and put them in the freezer, and they held structural integrity. What I didn’t account for is that the freezer also pulled moisture from the pasta dough, combined with the expansion of the water in the liquid filling, and I had 300 cracked ravioli. When they hit the water, they just disintigrated. What I learned from all this you ask? I should have made them fresh, right before the competition, and would have had no problems. The fresher the better, and this really drove it home for me. We didn’t win the judges votes, but we did win the popular vote from the people in attendance. And really, that’s all I wanted. Cheers.

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