Maryland Yellow Perch

Having amazing people that work with you to get you the most amazing product is something that is truly priceless.  My old Fish Monger Steve from JJ McDonnell now works for the Maryland Department Of Natural Resources.  He called me the other day and told me that these fish were truly amazing and I bought a few of them.   They were day of catch quality, crystal clear eyes, and a few were still stiff from rigor.  Quite amazing.  As an added bonus, all of the fish were stuffed to the gills with soft, sweet, succulent roe.  I poached and smoked the Roe, blended it with olive oil, and made it my liaison to finish a crab sauce.  We fried the fish whole in rice flour, and served it with caramelized cauliflower smoked almonds, and sultana raisins.  Cheers.


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