The Farmer and the Chef

I participated in an event at the Maryland Science Center Yesterday called The Farmer and the Chef.  It benefits Days of Taste which is a Charity that takes local schools to farms to help educate children about healthy food, and where it comes from.  It was also a competition for the American Institute of Food And Wine.  I was paired with Richardson Farm from White Marsh, Maryland.  The farm does not raise animals, so I had to go entirely vegetarian. Which in a competition setting is hard when the other competitors have things like Bison, Oysters, Heritage Breed Pigs, and Seafood Farms. I decided to utilize their Corn, and their Green Tomatoes.  I made Vanilla/Cumin Corn Panna Cotta with Sweet and Sour Green Tomato Jam, Crispy Beets, and Beet “Fruit Roll Up”.  I walked away with the award for Most Creative.   I have taken home an award 2 out of the last 4 events I have participated in.  Not too Shabby.  Cheers.






One Response to “The Farmer and the Chef”

  1. I for one loved your dish! And we brought vegetarians- so it was great for them to have something besides all that meat.

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