Salt Cod Agnolotti

Brandade Agnolotti / Brodo / Crispy Basil / Crispy Soft Boiled Egg / Smoked Paprika / Chili

Photo Courtesy Of SNM Images


4 Responses to “Salt Cod Agnolotti”

  1. Christopher Taylor Says:

    Hello there this dish looks amazing, long story short I met your mother at a Walmart in the deli line she had nothing but great things to say about you and even mentioned that you cooked in television recently. I wish you nothing but success and I look foreword I you posting more meals on this site so I can attempt to cook them lol.

    • wilburcoxjr Says:

      Thank you sir…do you know my mother or dI’d she just chat you up

      • Christopher Taylor Says:

        I asked her about what kinds if meats were good to eat in the walmart deli line and then we started chatting about everything, she was very outgoing like myself and ranted and raved about your food that you cook

      • wilburcoxjr Says:

        Awesome I appreciate you actually checking out my blog and my work…thank you sir

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