New Years Eve Menu 2014

New Years Eve 2014


Raw Cauliflower Salad
Golden Raisins / Pine Nuts / Champagne Vinaigrette / Preserved Lemon / Arugula

Sapidus Farms Butter Poached Oysters
House Pappardelle / Sea Urchin Butter / Caviar / Quail Egg

Beets In Various Forms
Raspberries / Hazelnuts / Ventreche / Mache

Pumpkin / Beurre Monte / Lobster / Parsley / Chervil

Venison Terrine
Lardo / Kumquats / Hedgehogs / Mustard Seeds


Hudson Valley Duck Duo (NY)
Crispy Skin Breast / Gooseberries / Torchon
Dim Sum / Chive Kimchee / Korean Chili

Elysian Fields Lamb Loin (MD)
Cocoa / Dried Chiles / Cauliflower / Shelling Beans / Red Wine / Bitter Chocolate

Creek Stone Farms Braised Short Ribs (KS)
Fingerling Potato Puree / Cippolini Onions / Foraged Mushrooms / Herb “Sponge Cake” / Braising Reduction

Crispy Skinned Black Bass (MD)
Bone Marrow Risotto / Shellfish Broth / Crispy Ginger / Citrus Powder

Pan Roasted Scallops (MA)
Rosemary Skewered / Pasilla Crust / Parsnip Puree / Smoked Bacon Swiss Chard / Gingered Pear Cider Reduction


Salted Chocolate Bar
Chipotle / Graham / Banana “Guacamole” / Lime Curd / Agave Meringue / Abuelita / Dolce Ice Cream / Chicharron Brittle

Banana In Many Forms
Banana Upside Down Cake / Banana Panna Cotta / Banana Ice Cream / Cinnamon-Sugar Banana Chips

Peanut Butter Cheese Cake
Oreo Crust / Peanut Butter Mousse / Candied Bacon / Salted Caramel / Oreo Ice Cream

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