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Beef Tendons

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Boil for 6 hours, chill, slice thin, dry, and fry


Norwegian Halibut Take 2

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Sweet potato dumplings, leeks, peruvian bay scallops, crispy house made lamb bacon, truffle powder, smoked bacon dashi





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A la plancha, sunchoke puree, heirloom carrots, foie gras fried farrow, black garlic, crispy ginger, fried carrot tops


Skate Wing

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Sous vide to 128 degrees.  Served with Zahradka farms baby carrots, and miso-mussel vinaigrette



Hudson Valley Duck Duo

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Rendered Breast with gooseberry and torchon.
Potsticker with chive kimchee and Korean chile



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Cauliflower, Rob Horner’s Bacon, Parmesan – prosciutto dashi



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Soba noodle salad, chili sauce, vegetables from my garden.  Chef Sunami’s dish for the evening.


The birth of our pantry

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House made vinegars( peach, lemon, cherry )pickles, sourdough bread starter, kimchee


Beef Duo/Dumpling Duo

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Braised short rib, beef and bacon potsticker, sweet tater gnocchi, hedgehogs, shiitake, broccoli, mushroom comsomme