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Ribeye Deckle “Cap”

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Robuchon potato, crispy shallots, wd50 egg yolks, house made worcestershire


Elysian Fields Lamb Saddle 4 ways

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Bacon wrapped tenderloin, sous vide loin, house made lamb bacon jam, smoked lamb bacon powder, kabotcha squash and citrus


Beet Ravioli

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Pears, charlottetown farms goat cheese, carrot and beet reduction, walnuts



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Sous vide and rendered breast, pigeon riellete, kabotcha squash, pickled hedgehog mushroom, porotbello crisps, fried sage, winter black trufffles, pigeon jus, mushroom powder


Tis The Season

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Grouper Ceviche

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Avocado marble, radish, jalapeno, lime curd


Cheshire Pork Tenderloin

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Sous vide to 138…pan crisped..farrow, black garlic puree, smoked blueberry chimmichurri


Calamari 2.0

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Spicy tomato-fennel ragout, cavatelli, oregano, pickled chilis, preserved lemon, spicy bread crumbs, bottarga


Chef Rob Horner’s Bangin Split Pea Soup

Posted in bacon, Chef, garnish, mushrooms, vegetables on November 2, 2014 by wilburcoxjr

Bacon – shallot jam, brown butter croutons, mitakes, green chick peas, maple creme fraiche


Random fact # 145

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Met this guy when I was picking flowers for garnish out back of the restaurant.   This dude was munching on my queen Annes lace.  Excellent choice me matey because queens Annes lace’s roots have the second highest level of sugar right behind sugar beets.  Your random fact of the day.