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Octopus on the plancha

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Potato gnocchi, shellfish broth, pine nuts, garlic chips


Octopus and it’s Ink

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Black ink macaroni made with our extruder


Sous vide octopus cooked on the plancha, the ink macaroni with shellfish broth, fried broccoli, trout roe

Lobster and gnocchi

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Maine lobster, pumpkin, potato gnocchi, beurre monte, chervil


Lobster and Gnudi

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Espellette,  parsley, and chanterelles


Shrimp & Grits

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Stone ground grits, butter braised pearls, house tasso, sweet & sour peppers, lobster – pepper emulsion


Lots o Shells

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We sell a lot of lobster at the highland inn


Seafood Stew

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