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Veal “meatloaf”

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Iowa prosciutto wrapped veal meatloaf, pomme dauphine, romanesco, sauce perigord, Sorrell


Local Venison

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Sous vide Rare, Sunchoke puree, beech mushrooms, gnocchi parisienne, sour leek jam, foie gras granola


Tenderloin of Elysian Fields Lamb

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Whenever I use lamb saddle, I always have the tenderloins left over because they are small and difficult to cook and serve properly.  I use four tenderloins and fuse them together with transglutaminase.  They are then wrapped in bacon, sous vide to 132* and then crisped in the pan.  Served with soubise, gnocchi parisienne, pear-rosemary jam. 


A Trip To Stonemill Bakery

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Parisienne Gnocchi

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Parisienne style gnocchi, braised smoked bacon, chanterelles, braised chicken thigh, crispy chicken skin, garlic puree thickened chicken jus, herbs


Cheesecake Semi-fredo

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Blueberries, lemon, oreo


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Graham, peanutbutter mousse, banana jam, nutella, candied bacon