Ribeye and DeckleĀ 

Posted in Chef on September 30, 2016 by wilburcoxjr

Ribeye are expensive!  Plain and simple, but if used correctly you can get many different uses from one cut of beef.

For this one we remove the cap or “Deckle” from the ribeye and separate the eye of the rib from the cap.  The eye is cleaned and used for Tartare, carpaccio, or steak entrees.  The fat is rendered down and used to coat future dry aged meat.  The Deckle in the last photo was stuffed with mushroom duxelle and gruyere cheese, bound in caul fat and sous vide to 128 degrees.  It’s then crisped on the plancha.  I served it with braised red cabbage, pickled chanterelles, and smoked bacon powder.  Cheers.