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Smoked Boudin with rice


House made bratwurst


Guest Cheffin’ at Mahaffeys

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Scrapple Vodka Brunch


Braised pigs ear boudin, etouffee, 2 hour egg yolk


Smoked shrimp and fresh corn scrapple, shrimp bbq, pickled chilis, peanuts


Traditional Scrapple, corn puree, smoked tomato jam, 142 degree egg, fried oyster


Smoked bacon-maple-oatmeal scrapple, oatmeal crumble, espresso ice cream, candied bacon

Nola style boudin

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Pork, rice and spice

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That’s our sausage!!!..thanks for the heads up Mark Suliga



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Braised pork, pork shoulder, mustard bbq, rice


Duck Confit

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Cured, confit, bound with TG, and rolled in caul fat. Sliced, seared. Served with baby turnips, and duck jus



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I was inspired to try this by watching Daniel Boulud at the star chefs congress.  They did pigs trotters, but pork really doesn’t sell too well at the Bike unless it’s in the form of bacon.  So I improvised and used duck, which flies out the door every night.  I braised the duck legs, shredded the meat, and combined it with ground breast meat, ground skin, hearts, livers, and kidneys.  Herbed it up, and seasoned it.  Rolled it into a little boudin, and poached it till medium rare.  Then i wrapped it in caul fat, and browned it all over.  Sliced it down, and pan fried it.  The bones of the duck were used to make jus.  I was really impressed with the texture more than anything.  It was very soft, and had great mouth feel.  I really want to try to utilize all of the parts of the animals that we get in, but most times it’s a hard sell.  If something must die to make it to your plate, then we should at least do it justice by utilizing everything and wasting nothing. It is served with turnips, shaved brussels sprouts, upland cress, and duck jus.