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Local Shad Roe

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Come summer I’m going to attempt to make bottarga with these


Egg yolks

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Poached in a sleeve



Chicken Egg Yolk “Bottarga”

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Flying plow farms eggs that I removed the yolks, cured the yolks in salt,  compressed the cured yolks, and then weighed them down to form a block of
cured yolks…in the style of bottarga


I Love Eggs

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147 degrees.  Immersion Circulator.  I call them EGG SHOOTERS.  Crack the top, and slurp it down.  The White congeals at 147 degrees, and the yolk congeals at 154 degrees.  45 minutes for the best egg in the world.  The yolk basically explodes in your mouth, like that first dip of toast into your sunny side egg.  The best part of that is watching the yolk ooze out onto the plate, just take away the plate and the toast.  Eggs are one of the most interesting food stuffs on planet earth.  If only people would slow down, and pay more attention to the things that are right under their nose.  There are so many interesting things, about what most people see to be boring and simple.