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Good Head Part 2

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The pigs head was poached for 4 hours at 190 degrees.  The meat was removed from the skull, and the cooking liquid was clarified.  The meat was chopped and set in the natural aspic to gel.  This is the start to finish.






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Braised pigs head, picked, liquid reduced and clarified, then stuffed in beef middles, chilled and sliced



Pate De Tete Part 2

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So after I braised the heads, I picked all of the meat out, seasoned the meat and placed it in cheese cloth.  The skin was laid first, then the pulled meat was put on top, and the tongue and cheek we laid in the middle.  I then rolled it in the style of a torchon.  It was sliced, breaded, and fried.  We served it with celery root puree, pickled peppers and hydro watercress.  The sauce for the plate was the braising liquid that came from the pig heads.  Very old world, very rustic, but very refined in presentation and flavor.  Enjoy!!!

Pate De Tete

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This is the first step in making Head Cheese.  Butcher!!!!!!