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Dusting Off A Classic

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Pork belly / lentil citrus salad / korean chili / banana / cracklings / peanuts


Pork Belly

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Confit and Crisped / Mustard Spaetzle / Spap Peas / Pickled Green Beans / Mustard Jus

BBQ Pork Belly

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Tamarind BBQ’d Smoked Confit of Pork Belly, My Mother’s Home Fries, Chipotle Hot Sauce, Pickled Peaches, and Coriander.

Pork Belly Obsession

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Cured in my secret cure for 24 hours, confit in duck fat for 6 hours, press over night, portion and cold smoke over apple wood. Black Cherries, Smoked Balsamic, Pickled Peaches, Coriander. Enjoy.

One Fat Belly

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First the belly is cured for 24 hours, then we confit it, then we press it over night, then we smoke it for 2 hours. On the pick up it is seared fat side down until crispy, then it is glazed with chili caramel under the salimander to create bark. It is served with black lentils, bananas, puffed pig ears, mizuna, and chili caramel. Enjoy.

Success Is Only Measured By What You Learn From Failure

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Today I tried a new presentation of our Pork Belly.  In theory all of the accompaniments should have went swimmingly with the dish, but sadly they didn’t make the music I was hoping to hear.  It took me two days to make this dish, and most of the time was taken up by preparing the garnish.  In Reality= Pork Belly is very fatty and needs something to cut through the fat and help balance the dish.  In Theory= Ramp Pesto made with Creme Fraiche`would help because the onion flavor would add bite, and cut the fat.  Pickled Radish would do the same and bring a nice acidity to the dish.  Then add a garnish of Puffed Pig’s Ear(which was the most labor intensive= 24 hrs.) for texture and crunch.  In Theory all this should have come together beautifully on the palate, but sadly it was a B-side track on a one hit wonders album.  Even though all of the garnish was a stand alone star, it just didn’t work.  So today I learned that even though something should work and all of the pieces of the puzzle are present, that sometimes Theory Differs From Reality.

Pork Belly

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Looking at different presentation styles.  A shot before the belly is confit’d.